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Meiji ML8000 Series Metallurgical Microscopes





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The ML8000 Series features an Infinity Optical System with reflected & transmitted brightfield illumination.   They are equipped with either an erect image binocular or regular trinocular viewing head inclined at 30 and rotatable through 360 for comfortable viewing.  Each eyetube is provided with a graduated diopter adjustment.  Interpupillary distance is adjustable between 52mm and 72mm. 

All ML8000 Series microscopes are supplied with styrofoam case, dust cover, and instruction manual.

Encompasses 2 standard configurations as listed below.

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Viewing Heads

MA401, Binocular Head, erect image.
MA603, Trinocular Head, non-erect image.
MA495, Trinocular Head, erect image.
MA403, Monocular Head.



Large scan 4"x4" ball-bearing mechanical stage with 94.5mm diameter clear glass stage plate, with drop-down coaxial axis controls with X-Y movement.


Objective Changer & Objectives

Smooth operating quintuple ball-bearing nosepiece.

Infinity corrected S-Plan brightfield/darkfield objectives:
MA336, S-Plan M4X NA 0.10, WD 20mm
MA337, S-Plan M10X NA 0.25, WD 9.4mm
MA338, S-Plan M20X NA 0.40, WD 5.28mm
MA339, S-Plan M40X NA 0.65, WD 0.81mm



Vertical full Koehler illuminator with 6V 30W halogen lamp for brightfield and polarization technique, with infinity lens.  Electronic transformer with intensity control supplied in a separate case.  Blue clear, green clear, ND8 neutral density and polarizing filters supplied in mounts.  Transmitted Koehler illuminator with 6V 30W halogen lamp with electronic transformer and intensity control built into the base.



MA407, Paired DIN KHW 10X super wide 20mm field of view eyepieces.



Equipped with rack and pinion focusable substage condenser with iris diaphragm and filter tray and clear blue filter.


Focusing Movement

Coaxial low positioned coarse and fine focus controls, graduated to 2 microns per division, are fitted with tension adjustment and safety autostop.  The focusing range is 35mm.   The movement runs in extra wide precision ball-bearing tracks.


Size and Weight

ML8000 Binocular 227mm (W) x 415mm
(D) x 472mm (H), net weight 6.8 kg.

ML 8100 Trinocular 227mm (W) x 415mm (D) x 500mm (H), net weight 6.9 kg.


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ML8000 Binocular
(Erect Image)

KHW 10X, 20mm field of view

S-Plan M4X, M10X, M20X, M40X Vertical Koehler 6V 30W Halogen for brightfield & darkfield and polarization.  Transmitted Koehler 6V 30W for brightfield observation.
ML8100 Trinocular


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The following accessories for measurement are available for the ML8000 Series:

  • MA415, Filar Micrometer Eyepiece 10X with inclined monocular head.
  • MA255, Linear Micrometer, 10mm divided into 100 units, 21mm diameter for KHW10X eyepiece.
  • MA256, Linear Micrometer, 5mm divided into 100 units, 21mm diameter for KHW10X eyepiece.
  • MA284, Cross-line Reticle, 21mm diameter for KHW10X eyepiece.
  • MA285, Stage Micrometer, 1mm into 100 units.
  • MA292, Metal Stage Micrometer, 1mm divided into 100 units, 0.01mm.


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  • Eyepieces:
    -  MA406, HWF 10X eyepiece, high eyepoint, field number 18mm.
    -  MA408, HWF 15X eyepiece, high eyepoint, field number 12.2mm
    -  MA409, HWF 20X eyepiece, high eyepoint, field number 9.2mm.
  • Objectives
    -  MA330, S-Plan M5X NA 0.10, WD 20mm
    -  MA344, S-Plan M50X NA 0.50, W.D. 0.36mm
    -  MA349, S-Plan LWD M50X NA 0.50, WD 6.0mm
    -  MA329, S-Plan M60X NA 0.85, WD 0.38mm
    -  MA328, S-Plan M100X NA 0.75, Dry, WD 0.27mm
  • Filters (29.8mm diameter for use in tray of Substage Condenser):
    -  MA290/05, Green clear filter.
    -  MA291, Polarizing filter.
    -  MA196, ND2 Neutral density filter.
    -  MA197, ND8 Neutral density filter.
  • MA326, Spare halogen lamp, 6V 30W
  • MA327, Fuse 3A.


For more information on a product or to request a price quote, please contact us by phone at 877-837-7260 (toll free) or 408-871-7700, fax 408-871-7800, or email us at labtekdiv@labtek.net.


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