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Qioptiq Optem Zoom Lenses & Optical Vision Systems


bullet Zoom 70XL Optical System


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Zoom 70XL Optical System

Optem's new Zoom 70XL Optical System represents the pinnacle in reliability when it comes to heavy-duty cycling. Optem guarantees a minimum of 250,000 cycles without mechanical failure.  With a 7:1 core zoom ratio, and a magnification range of 0.75X to 5.25X, the Zoom 70XL provides dependable, high-quality optics at an affordable price.  The core Zoom 70XL boasts a numerical aperture range of 0.024 to 0.08 with minimum resolution of 240 lp/mm at maximum magnification.

The Zoom 70XL System has been modularly designed to provide users with the utmost in versatility and flexibility when configuring their Zoom System.  Every functional Zoom 70XL must be configured with each of three components, as listed below:

TV Tube: Positions the camera at the proper distance from the Zoom.
Upper Zoom Module: Contains the Core Zoom System.  Available in manual, motorized, detents, and iris options.
Lower Function Module:  Provides optional internal focus and coaxial illumination functions.

Optem also offers a second series of Non-Modular Zoom 70XL models that are fully motorized (DC or Stepper) and are completely assembled for your immediate use.



NIR Zoom 70XL Optical System


NIR Zoom 70XL Optical System

The new NIR Zoom 70XL Optical System is specifically design for the near-infrared wavelengths used in emission microscopy and the telecommunications industry.  The NIR Zoom 70XL can be used for various applications, such as aligning fibers, inspecting laser diodes, and backside viewing thin sections of silicon.

All optical components are specifically designed for 630 to 2000nm.  This extremely broad spectral band is capable of satisfying most customers' applications.  The NIR Zoom 708XL is parfocal throughout its zoom range and chromatically correct for its designed spectral band.  A revolutionary new anti-reflection coating is on every lens to improve contrast and increase transmission.

With a 7:1 core zoom ratio, and a magnification range of 0.75X-5.25X, the NIR Zoom 70XL provides dependable, high-quality optics at an affordable price.  The core zoom optics boast a numerical aperture range of 0.024 to 0.08.


bullet Zoom 160 - 16:1 Zoom Optical System


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The Zoom 160 offers a 16:1 zoom ratio, the first of its kind when it comes to superior optical instrumentation.  The Zoom 160 provides a magnification range of 0.5X-8.0X in its standard configuration and a nominal working distance of 89mm.  Its modular design offers the most configuration flexibility possible.  If you're application demands a self-standing optical system with longer zoom range and greater field-of-view flexibility, you need the Zoom 160.

Every functional Zoom 160 must be comprised of the following components:

C-Mount Coupler:  Attaches the camera to the dovetail tube.
Dovetail Tube:  Positions the camera at the proper distance from the zoom (rear conjugate).
Upper Zoom Module: Contains the Core Zoom System.
Lower Module:  Holds the Zoom Objective Lens and provides optional internal focus and coaxial illumination functions.
Objective Lens:  Sends the image of the object into the zoom system at "infinity".

The Zoom 160 Optical System can be specified with built-in motorized zoom, and/or focus functions.  There are a variety of motor and controller options to best suit your specific application.  Several Zoom 160 accessories are interchangeable between other Optem Zoom Systems such as the Zoom 100 and Zoom 70 Series.


bullet Optem Microscope Accessories

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AcuZoom and OptiZoom Modules

Get more from your microscope with this unique zoom accessory for Leica, Nikon and Olympus brand microscopes. With the addition of an AcuZoom or OptiZoom module between the microscope head and arm, continuous parfocal zoom magnifications can be achieved with a magnification range of 0.8X to 2.0X. This useful accessory is ideal for applications requiring visual, photographic and video analysis. The AcuZoom is compatible with Leica and Olympus brand microscopes. The OptiZoom is compatible with Nikon brand microscopes.


Built-In Reticle Holder

A variety of reticles are available for use in each module's built-in reticle holder. When in use, the AcuZoom and OptiZoom reticle holder provides simultaneous projection, both through the microscope eyepiece and onto the screen, where video is in use. The built-in reticle holder accommodates two reticles which will zoom in unison with the image, keeping the increments constant throughout the zoom range.


bullet Fixed Magnification Optical System (FMOS)

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When your optical needs are specific, one of Optem's Fixed Magnification Optical Systems (FMOS) offers a cost-effective alternative to zoom optics. This system delivers high-performance magnification, user-friendly operation, and easy system integration all at a lower cost than a typical zoom optical system. The FMOS can be specified to a wide variety of magnifications, fields-of-view, and working distances. Consisting of a Fixed Tube available in either standard or miniature configurations, combined with one of several Function Modules available in both standard and infinity-corrected objective compatible options, the FMOS can be specially configured to your application.


bullet Fixed Magnification Video Couplers


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The cost-effective way to have video integration from your conventional compound microscope. Five magnifications from 1/3X to 2X are available to provide the imaging versatility and precision needed for your application. Microscope/video integration results in more comfortable and productive viewing for one or multiple users. Combine this again with the ability to project reticles, and you have the ideal instrument for use in education, medicine, quality inspection, or research. Optem Video Couplers install quickly and easily into your microscope eyepiece tube or trinocular port to project crystal clear images onto your video monitor.



For more information on a product or to request a price quote, please contact us by phone at 877-837-7260 (toll free) or 408-871-7700, fax 408-871-7800, or email us at labtekdiv@labtek.net.


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