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Sony CCD Cameras & Digital Video Cameras


Labtek is an authorized dealer for Sony CCD cameras & digital video camerasFor more information on a product or to request a price quote, please contact us by phone at 877-837-7260 (toll free) or 408-871-7700, fax 408-871-7800, or email us at labtekdiv@labtek.net.


bullet Sony DXC-C33 Color Video Camera

Remote head video camera. 1/3" CCD type 3CCD with Exwave technology. The 2-piece design makes the UL-2601 listed DXC-C33 a perfect fit for remote camera applications such as slit lamp and surgical microscopy. RGB, Y/C composite and DV output using Sony's i.LINK interface. Uses C-mount type lens mount.


  • High resolution: 850 TVL
  • Remote Camera Head Design
  • DV output using Sony's i.LINK interface
  • 3CCD with new 10 Bit DSP Technology
  • Incredibly lightweight and compact size: measuring 32 X 38 X 40mm, and weighing only 48 grams (camera head unit)
  • C-mount type lens mount
  • Other outputs: RGB, composite, and Y/C

Required Accessories:

  • CCMC-20P05/10/30 camera to controller cable.

Optional Accessories:

  • CCMC-9DBUS 9 pin 5 m RGB – VBS, SSUB
  • DSR-20MD medical grade DVCAM recorder/player
  • FS-20 wired remote foot switch control
  • FS-36 foot switch (3 way)



System with Optional Accessories



Sony DXC-390 & DXC-390P 3CCD Color Video Camera

The Sony DXC390 is a 1/3" type DSP 3CCD color video camera which incorporates Exwave® HAD technology - a new technology that greatly improves camera sensitivity while reducing smear.  Providing a resolution of 800 TV lines and high S/N ratio, the DXC390 is ideal for a variety of medical applications including opthamology, pathology, and surgical and compound microscopy.  Its advanced features and ease of use make this camera an ideal, cost effective input source to image analysis systems.


DXC-390.jpg (23683 bytes)

  • 1/3 type IT 3-CCD.
  • C-mount.
  • Exwave HAD technology provides excellent sensitivity and low smear levels.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Superior picture quality by using DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology: High resolution of 800 TVL and S/N ratio of 62 dB (NTSC), 61 dB (PAL).
  • High sensitivity of F8 at 2000Ix.
  • Scene files and user files.
  • Powerful picture contrast controls: DynaLatitude, Dynamic Contrast Control Plus (DCC+), and Black Stretch.
  • Several enhance controls: detail, linear matrix and partial enhance.
  • Shading compensation.
  • Wide selection of Automatic Exposure (AE) modes, including user defined.
  • Hyper Gain (+30 dB).
  • RGB, Y/C and composite video outputs.
  • Full control of functions accessible from the side panel or the optional RM-C950 remote control unit.
  • Extended Genlock (VBS Genlock and HD/VD in/out) and synchronization capabilities (Strobe, WEN).
  • RS-232C controllable.

Optional Accessories:

  • RM-C950 Remote Control Unit - Full remote control of the DXC-390/P camera functions and lens zoom/focus/iris functions via RS-232C.

  • CMA-D3 for Cable Extension, Camera Adaptor (New) - Supplies DC power and transmits video/sync signal between the adaptor and the DXC-390/390P with CCZ-A cable and CCMC-3MZ cable.

  • CMA-D2 Standard Camera Adaptor - Supplies DC power and transmits video/sync signal between the adaptor and the DXC-390/390P with CCMC 12-pin multi-core cable.

  • CMA-D2MD Medical Grade Camera Adaptor - Supplies DC power with a CCDC cable and transmits video/sync signal between the camera and the adaptor with the CCMC 12-pin cable.

  • VCL-610WEA 10x C-mount Lens (New) - F1.4, 6.5 to 65mm

  • VCL-614WEA 14x C-mount Lens (New) - F1.4, 5.5 to 77mm

  • MVA-15 C-mount Lens (New) - .3 magnification.


bullet Sony DXC-990 & DXC-990P 1/2" DSP 3CCD Video Camera

DXC990.jpg (8461 bytes)For remote camera applications, Sony's DXC-990 will shoot video wherever you go.  The DXC-990 uses a bayonet mount lens and provides a resolution of 850 TVL and a S/N ration of 63dBThe camera also incorporates Exwave HAD technology - the Sony technology that greatly improves camera sensitivity (F11 @2000 lx) while reducing smear compared to previous CCD technologies.

  • High resolution:  850 TV lines.
  • 3CCD with new 10 Bit DSP Technology.
  • Strobe Trigger Function: Realizes full vertical resolution of fast moving objects.
  • RS-232C Interface: Allows for easy control and operation of camera by external computer.
  • Color Shading Compensation: Allows for verification of color on monitor, useful in microscopy.
  • Extended Genlock (VBS Genlock & HD/VD In/Out): Allows for synchronization of signals with frame grabber boards.
  • Compact size - measuring 70 (W) x 72 (H) x 123.5 (D) mm.
  • Lightweight, weighing only 800 g or approximately 1.7 lbs.
  • Bayonet mount with double hot shoe lenses available.
  • RGB, Y/C and Y/R-Y/B-Y and composite outputs.


bullet SSC-DC593 Day/Night Color CCD Camera

Sony has the perfect camera to capture images in both the day and night -- the new SSC-DC593 wide dynamic/day-night video camera. Specifically designed for challenging day/night surveillance applications, the SSC-DC593 high-resolution DSP color camera incorporates a 1/3 type IT CCD with DynaView™ technology. This technology provides wide dynamic range for viewing high contrast images, as well as a Day/Night function that enables users to obtain color images by day and black and white images by night. When severe lighting is an issue, the SSC-DC593 is the camera that gets the job done .

  • 1/3 type IT CCD with DynaView™ technology

  • Day/Night mode - Increases the camera's sensitivity allowing images to be viewed even in low light conditions and to be used with IR illuminators in Night mode

  • Horizontal resolution - 480 lines

  • High sensitivity - Color: 0.8 lx (F1.4, 50IRE) / B/W (Day/Night mode): 0.07 lx (F1.4, 50IRE)

  • Backlight compensation: DYNAVIEW/SPOT/WEIGHT/OFF switchable

  • White balance: ATW PRO/ATW/3200K/5600K/Manual/DUAL WB switchable

  • Dual white balance mode - High quality color reproduction of indoor and outdoor scenes under different color temperatures

  • Wide range CCD IRIS (ON/OFF switchable, 1/60 to 1/100,000 s)

  • Sync system: Internal/AC Line Lock

  • Built-in activity detection and alarm trigger functions

  • Privacy Zone Masking function

  • CS Mount

  • Accepts video or DC auto iris lenses

  • RS-485 interface for control and operation from external equipment

  • Dual Power Capability - Automatically selects AC 24 V or DC 12 V for proper operation


bullet XCD-X710 1/3" IEEE 1394 Digital High Res. B/W Camera

Offering a dramatic leap forward in frame rates and imaging functions, the new IEEE-1394 XCD-X710 camera is ideal for quality-critical imaging applications such as semiconductor inspection, machine vision and factory automation. The XCD-X710 employs a 1/3" Progressive Scan CCD with square pixels and offers excellent sensitivity. This new camera delivers uncompressed, high-resolution, digital black and white images and features an easy-to-use asynchronous electronic shutter function with an exposure range from 1/100,000 to 17.5 second, allowing for the capture of fast moving objects clearly or still images in low light environments.

  • High Picture Quality and Pixel Resolution - 1/3" IT Progressive Scan CCD, 1024 x 768 pixel resolution (XGA)

  • IEEE-1394 Digital Serial Bus at 400 Mps - 30 fps at 8-bits / 15 fps at 10-bits

  • Square pixels

  • Remote control of all functions

  • Binning Function for high frame rates and high sensitivity

  • C Mount

  • Compact and light weight - easy to install

  • Scaleable / Partial Scan - 16 image split (4 x 4) - Less processing/faster frame rates

  • Electronic Shutter and External Asynchronous Trigger


bullet XCD-X710CR IEEE 1394 Progressive Scan Color Raw Camera

Sony's new XCD-X710CR progressive scan, IEEE 1394 camera is the latest addition to join Sony's growing line up of digital, high-speed cameras. This new digital camera satisfies the demand for high speed, color, progressive scan cameras and are ideally suited for those customers who need (a) a progressive scan camera that can achieve 30 frames/sec in color; (b) high resolution of 1024 x 768 in an industrial housing; and, (c) access to the raw pixel values so customers can do their own color processing. The "CR" in its model number stands for "Color Raw". This new "CR" model uses a CCD with a color mask (commonly called a "Bayer filter") and output the "raw color" pixel values in 8 or 10 bit to be converted to a color image on the computer. The color conversion that takes place in the computer is supported by Sony's new IEEE 1394 software and most 3rd party Firewire® compatible software (e.g., Matrox, National Instruments and Unibrain).

  • High frame rate and high rate scanning

  • Separate gain for red, green and blue pixels to maximize the color S/N ratio

  • Color conversion process handled by a computer (not by the camera)

  • Multiple Cameras can be synchronized at full frame rate with trigger and will self-synchronize to the common Firewire compatible bus clock

  • Fast software trigger

  • Allows for multiple cameras on a single bus in 8-bit mode (less bandwidth per camera)

  • Binning 1 x 2 and 2 x 2 for high frame rates and high sensitivity in monochrome

  • High shock and vibration resistance


bullet EVI-D100 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Color Video Camera

Sony's new EVI-D100 camera is ideal for applications such as videoconferencing, distance learning, surveillance, conference and training rooms, courtrooms, houses of worship, internet communications and just about any application that requires a high-quality color video camera with the flexibility of remote pan/tilt/zoom operations. The EVI-D100 is a high quality CCD cameras that combine a high-speed, quiet pan/tilt with a wide angle view and 40x zoom (10x optical + 4x digital), all in a compact, easy-to-use package. The EVI-D100 camera boasts impressive and innovative features such as auto focus, auto white balance and automatic exposure control which provide fast and stable hands free operation when the camera changes pan/tilt positions.

  • High Speed, Wide Range Pan/Tilt

  • Quiet Operation

  • 40x Zoom Ratio (10x Optical + 4x Digital)

  • Built-in Conversion Lens for Wide Angle View (65 degrees)

  • Six Position Presets with Battery Back-up

  • Auto Sleep Function


bullet EVI-D70 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Color NTSC Video Camera

Take control with Sony's newest robotic pan/tilt/zoom color video camera - the new EVI-D70 - the successor to the industry leading EVI-D30. The EVI-D70 combines a high quality 1/4 type EXview HAD™ CCD color camera with the flexibility of a remote pan/tilt/zoom operation, all in a compact easy-to-use package. Compared to its predecessor, this superior EVI-D70 camera incorporates a wider pan/tilt range with an 18x optical zoom lens and a faster pan/tilt mechanism, making them ideal for distance learning, video conferencing, houses of worship, courtrooms, hospitals and nursing homes, events and concert halls, and just about any other remote shooting application. And best of all, it's ceiling mountable - a first for Sony's popular EVI cameras.  Also available in white (EVI-D70/W).

  • 1/4 type 380k pixel EXview HAD CCD

  • Wide Range Pan/Tilt: 340 degrees Pan / 120 degrees Tilt

  • High Zoom Ratio AF Lens: 18x Optical + 12x Digital

  • Excellent Low Light Sensitivity: Minimum illumination less than 1 Lux

  • Desktop or Ceiling Mount Installation

  • E:Flip Function (electronic flip): Electronically flips an image upside down so it displays correctly when ceiling mounted

  • 37mm Mount for Optional Conversion Lens

  • Fully Remote Controllable via RS-232C (VISCA) or RS-422

  • Auto ICR Function

  • Auto Focus

  • Video Output: VBS (pin jack) and Y/C (4 pin MiniDIN)

  • Alarm Function

  • AE Spot Setting

  • Custom Preset Function


bullet BRC-300 3-CCD Mega Pixel P/T/Z Robotic Color Video Camera

Sony's new Broadband Remote Camera, the BRC-300, is an entire category unto itself. It's Sony's first robotic camera to offer the quality of three individual mega pixel CCDs for brilliant resolution. Specifically designed for remote video-shooting applications, the BRC-300 incorporates three 1/4.7-type Advanced HAD™ CCDs to provide high-quality, high-resolution images in both 4:3 and 16:9 modes. With its E: Flip function for desktop or ceiling mount flexibility, the BRC-300 is ideal for use in a wide range of remote video shooting applications such as houses of worship, distance learning, corporate training, and cable TV broadcasting. In addition, its all-in-one design makes it an incredibly affordable alternative to separately configured cameras, lenses and P/T/Z mounts. And with a high-accuracy and wide-range pan/tilt/zoom capability, users can precisely capture the right points of the viewable area surrounding the BRC-300 to meet their needs. They can also easily operate the camera with Sony's optional RM-BR300 remote control unit, which is equipped with an ergonomic joystick, and feature-rich control panel. The BRC-300 comes equipped with a card slot that accepts optional interface cards, enabling the BRC-300 to be integrated into every kind of system from S-Video to RGB, iLINK™ DVCAM interface (optional card planned to be available soon), SDI or even fiber. In addition, two remote control interfaces (VISCA™ protocol) are available to provide additional expendability and flexibility for user's remote shooting needs.

  • 1/4.7-type IT Mega Pixel 3CCD with Advanced HAD technology

  • Unique-All-in-One Design - Combines Camera, Lens & Pan/Tilt Mount

  • Built-in Auto Focus 48x Zoom Lens

  • Minimum Illumination - 7 lux

  • Horizontal Resolution - 600 TV Lines

  • High Performance Pan/Tilt/Zoom Mechanism

  • Pan angle: -170° to +170°

  • Tilt angle: -30° to +90°

  • 4:3 / 16:9 Aspect Selectable (16:9 Precision Technology)

  • E:Flip Function - Allows for Desktop or Ceiling Mount Installation

  • Optional Interface Card Slot - SDI, Fiber, RGB and i.LINK™ DVCAM Interface Capability (i.LINK DVCAM card coming soon)

  • Optional Joystick Remote Controller - Remotely Control via RS-232C (VISCA protocol) and RS-422 Protocols


For more information or a price quote, please contact us either by phone at 877-837-7260 (toll free) or 408-871-7700, fax 408-871-7800, or email labtekdiv@labtek.net.


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