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Hisomet-II Measuring Microscope


bullet Union Optical Hisomet-II Non-Contact Depth Measuring
Microscope System


The Hisomet is a non-contact depth measuring microscope that has been designed based on the optical focal point detection system.  The precise focus indicator is adopted, so that the measurements of height, depth, steps, etc. are made possible simply by coinciding the two halves of an index graticule while observing the surface of a point of measurement.  As measurements can be made without concern for causing distortion or nicks to a specimen, Hisomet is ideal for measuring electronic components such as ICs and other precision parts.

Hisomet is highly appreciated by manufacturers for its accurate measurements and inspections of objects, such as ICs, magnetic heads, electronic components, precision parts, etc.  Material and forms of specimens used in these industries are diversified.

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Precise Focus Indicator

  Focused Condition Out of Focus Condition
Black graticle Graticle-b1.jpg (2889 bytes) Graticle-b2.jpg (2825 bytes)
White-stripe graticle Graticle-w1.jpg (2885 bytes) Graticle-w2.jpg (2901 bytes)


Principle of Measurement

This microscope system offers a precise focus indicator consisting of a beam splitting prism, and black and white-stripe graticles built into the reflected-light optical system of the microscope, and has been designed based on the optical pricniple that at the correct focus, the clear image of the index graticle, of which the upper and lower halves coincide, can be observed above the focused image of a specimen, and that when defocused even slightly, the index line is split into two lines in the upper and lower halves of the graticle.


Method of Measurement

The exact focal point is secured by confirming that the vertical index lines in the upper and lower halves of the graticle coincide to fuse into exact straight lines, rather than by making judgments as to whether or not the image of a specimen surface is blurred.  Since this is a unique system that is neither affected by the focal depth of objective lenses nor dependent on the ability of the human eye to discriminate two points, the focal point can be determined very accurately in comparison with other focusing systems.  This focusing system and the digital gauge allow non-contact, high precision measurements of step heights between surfaces.



  • As a focal point is detected under the non-contact optical method, measurements can be made without being affected by physical damage to a specimen, such as distortion, nicks, etc.

  • Since the precise focus indicator based on the "split-target method has been adopted, highly-accurate depth (step) measurements can be made simply by coinciding the two halves of the graticle.

  • This system is ideal for use at application sites because its handling procedures are as simple as those of microscopes.

  • While observing the submicron surface condition of a point of measurement, the positional relation between a reference point of measurement and a point of measurement can be confirmed, and measurements can also be made in the same field of view.

  • Measurement accuracy can be increased through the use of high magnification objective lenses.

  • Either a black or white-stripe graticle can be chosen in accordance with the reflectivity of specimen surfaces.  The "open" position of the three stage selecting lever can be used when photographs are to be taken without a graticle.

  • Various models can be configured by the combination of different equipment such as a optical head, measuring stage, TV equipment, etc., depending on the applications of respective users.


Fiber Optic Illuminator System

Use this system when a specimen with low reflectivity is measured or the TV system is used.  Use the fiber optic illuminator adapter, IDL-1, at the same time.

Hisomet-FO.jpg (13304 bytes)

Photographic System

Hisomet-pes.jpg (15993 bytes) Various types of automatic photographic systems are available for photography by 35mm camera, or Polaroid, or film formats.  For photography, the precise focus indicator can be changed over to the "open" position.


Depth Indicator Reading to 0.1m

Depth.jpg (5753 bytes) Consists of a depth detector for 0 to 10mm range and a digital counter reading to 0.1m.  Recommended for submicron measurements of objects 1m or less with the use of objective lenses of high magnification (40X or higher).


Digital Indicator

For DH2, various types of digital indicators are available.  Single and dual axes, measurement range, and minimum reading can be chosen depending on applications.  The digital printer is also available for the printout of measurement data.

Indicators.jpg (15234 bytes)

Digital Indicator
(dual axis)
Desktop digital printer BCD-RS232C Digital
Converter Adapter


Stage Specifications

Model Stage Travel (X-Y) Stage-Insert Glass Size Space for Specimens Rotation Angle T-slots for Tools Stage Size
100D 100 x 100mm
(with linear scale)
179mm 206mm 360 --- 244 x 244 x 83mm
505S 50 x 50mm 100mm 118mm 360 --- 150 x 150 x 45mm
505L 50 x 50mm 100mm 170mm 360 T-slots (2) 205 x 205 x 95mm
510 100 x 50mm 170 x 120mm 280 x 190mm --- T-slots (3) 285 x 205 x 95mm
510D 100 x 50mm
(with linear scale)
170 x 120mm 280 x 190mm --- T-slots (3) 285 x 205 x 95mm


Standard Specifications

Items Description Binocular Trinocular
Microscope stand Base (with built-in transformer). 
Transmitted light illuminator (with built-in transformer).

bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes)

bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes)

Bracket Precise focus indicator (with illuminator). 
Fine focus by cross roller guide. 
Coarse focus by rack & pinion. 
Secondary cord (for EL-38).
bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes) bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes)
Erect image binocular head With C-mount, without eyepieces. bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes) -
Erect image trinocular head With C-mount, without eyepieces. - bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes)
Measuring Stage 505S 50 x 50mm with stage glass and stage adapter. To be selected.
505L 50 x 50mm (T-slot) with stage glass. To be selected.
510 100 x 50mm (T-slot) with stage glass. To be selected.
510D 100 x 50mm (T-slot) with stage glass, linear scale, & dual axis counter (1m readout). With stage adapter & stage glass. To be selected.
100D 100 x 100mm with linear scale and dual axis counter (1m readout). With stage adapter & stage glass. To be selected.
Eyepiece NWF10X Field diameter 16, with G-14 reticle. bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes) bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes)
Eyepiece NWF10X Field diameter 16. - bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes)
Objective PLM10X N.A.0.20, W.D. 12.0mm. bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes) bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes)
Z-axis indicator 0.001 readout, 25mm stroke, with special printer terminal. bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes) bullet-blu2.gif (339 bytes)


Optional Accessories

Items Specifications
Turning table To be used with 510 and 510D.
Micrometer M50B To be used with 505S, 505L, and 510.
Eyepieces NWF15X, WF20X
Objectives PLM5X, PLLWDM20X, PLLWDM40X, PLM100X
Fiber optic illuminator system 150W halogen lamp (power pack) with adapter.
Printer for depth indicator ID-F HI/LOW indicators for both input and output of tolerances.  Allows statistics processing (max.min.ave. and standard deviation) and hystograms.
Digital indicator reading to 0.1m Measuring range:  0 to 10mm, minimum reading: 0.1m, with mounting adapter.
Special digital printer Index No. 3, six characters.
Photographic system Polaroid or 35mm camera with camera adapter.
Digital micrometer (X,Y axes) 1.0m or 0.2m readout unit is available.
Quadruple revolver Four objectives can be mounted.
TV system Color or monochrome camera with C-mount.


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